March 30

Pick up Guide

1- Eye contact is key right before the approach
You need to be self confident and alse look like you are self confident. Starting and getting an eye contact is an extremely significant pickup rule girls would like men to learn.

2- Decide wheter you want to pick up her o her friends

You wil lose it if you can’t focus.
3- Just try to make her feel very atractive.
… and she will find you more atractive.

4- You might think she heard all the complinets in the world…
… but it is no reason to stop complimenting her.

5- Leave precreated pickup lines for newbies
They don’t work and every woman hear them at least few times

6- Try to pickup in regular places

Clubs are oversaturated. Maybe try book clubs?

7- Sometimes just let it go
you know what kind of guys never let go? Creeps!

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